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Directions:1. Create a new MS Access database. Save it in to your computer or other destination using the following protocol: lastname_NCAA (for example, Henry_NCAA), (2) modify the database based on the instructions, (3) save your work, and (4) submit the completed file to yourAssignments Folderin ourCMST 100FClassroom.2. Import theTeams.xlsxfile as a new table to your database. (see attachment forTeams.xlsx file). The followingsitewill also help you with the import process.a. First row contains column headings.b. In a new tablec. Make no changes to any of the fieldsd. Make the “Team Name” field your primary keye. Save the table asTeamsf. Close the table after you have correctly imported it.3. Create a new table with the following fields;FieldName FieldType Format/Other ItemsConference Text Primary KeyTotal Teams Number IntegerTournament Teams Number Integer4. Save the table asConferences5. Open the table inDatasheet viewand enter the following information about the NCAA Conferences: Conference Total Teams Tournament Teams Big Ten 14 8 Big Twelve 12 6 Atlantic Coast 15 7 Southeastern 14 7 Big East 10 4 Pacific-12 12 3 American Athletics 12 4 West Coast 10 2 Mid-American 12 1 Mountain West 11 2 Atlantic 10 14 2 Missouri Valley 10 1 Southern 10 1 Ivy Group 8 1 Sun Belt 12 1 Conference USA 14 1 Western Athletic 9 1 Horizon League 10 1 Colonial Athletic Association 10 1 Big West 9 1 6. Saveand close the table7. Createa table with the following fields:FieldName FieldType Format/Other Items LastName Text Primary KeyPosition Lookup Wizard Create w/ the following options – Guard, Forward, Center (Hint: (HINT: Select “I will type the values that I want.” Click Next. Then type in the 3 optionsTeam Text Size of 20PPG Number DoubleRebounds Number Double8. Save the table asPlayers9. Open the table in Datasheet view and enter the following information for thePlayers Tableusing the example below:a. Complete the table using names and information for10playersb. Use atleast fiveof the team names from theTeams TableLastName Position TeamName PPG ReboundsAnthony Cowan Jr. Guard Maryland Terrapins 15.6 3.710. Saveand close the table.Relationships:1. Click theRelationshipbutton on theDatabasetools tab.2. Add all three tables in the database,Teams, Conferences, and Playersto theRelationshipswindow.3. Create a relationship between theTeamstable and thePlayerstable using theTeamNamefield. Make sure the following are true for this new relationship:a. It is a One-to-One relationship.b. Enforce Referential Integrity is selected.c. Cascade Update Related Fields is selected.d. Cascade Delete Related Records is selected.4. Create a relationship between theTeamstable and theConferencetable using the “Conference” field. Make sure the following are true for this new relationship:a. It is a One-to-Many relationship.5. Save the changes you made to the relationships for this database.6. Close the Relationships Window