Direct Mail and Email Advertising

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The report examines direct marketing as a method of sending advertising messages to potential and existing customers through direct mail. It highlights the major advantages and disadvantages of this method as a traditional method of advertisement. This method is costly and customers may not read the intended ad message. Email advertising involves the conveyance of advertisement messages through email. With the rise of internet technology, emails are becoming easy and fast methods of sending emails. It is less costly and generates more customer response than direct mail advertising. Email marketing is considered as the most suitable method of advertisement because it is less costly, easy, fast and effective. It generates more customer responses than direct mail and earns more returns on investment. However, the retailer should avoid sending email messages too often and send only relevant information targeted at specific individual customers who demonstrate an interest in the company’s products. Working as a marketing consultant in Big Consultant Company, my aim is to advise a retail marketer in the High Street who has approached our company for consultancy services. The client wants to choose the best method to advertise his retail products to target customers. He is faced with a rhetoric situation in which he has to choose between direct mail and email advertising to advertise his products. The retailer sells electronic devices including computers, mobile phones and tablets to customers on order. He already has a large number of customers within his neighborhood, but he wants to expand to other neighborhoods. He has already generated a large database of potential customers including university and college students. He is now wondering which method he should use to communicate with them. Direct mail and email advertising are his most preferable methods.