Digital Culture Webcam Girls and Celebrity Culture

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Mobile phones have revolutionized the world of communication and the human culture has undergone drastic changes as far as communication is concerned. It is easy for people to contact anybody, who does possess a mobile phone instantly, instead of writing a letter or conveying the message using other means of communication. Every aspect of social life is connected with some kind of digital equipment such as computers. mobile phones, Television, DVD players, Digital cameras etc and we can safely say that at present we are living under a digital culture. ‘Digital culture thus deals with the political, social and legal aspects of living in a society increasingly dominated by digital communication and media’ (Digital culture)Digital culture has changed a lot of social concepts and the celebrity concept also has been changed a lot because of it. Previously the celebrities were successful in catching the attention of the public through the media like Television, news papers, sports activities, and cinema. But the introduction of the internet has revolutionized the world of communication and it is widely used as the primary medium in order to attain fame and publicity. In fact, the internet has produced a separate segment of celebrities’ called Webcam Girls which entirely different from that of the concepts of conventional celebrities’. As per the advancements in science and technology, life styles and cultures are also changing drastically. The old celebrity cultures have been given way for new ones. People, who were reluctant in exposing their body publicly, are now ready to do it in order to attain money and publicity. Webcam girls are engaged in a lot of sex-related activities publicly in order to attain fame.