Different Understandings of Addiction

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For the addict to be able to free himself from the dangerous habits, he may be compelled to seek guidance and professional help, which is basically a process that motivates him to stop the habit.

Drug addiction generally is a chronic disease that develops from constant usage of addictive drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, which may have prolonged effects on the human brain. It starts as a way of spending leisure and seeking relaxation which slowly culminates into a habit that may prove difficult or impossible to treat. There are also other prescription drugs, though meant for medical purposes, which may cause addiction especially if used against the doctor’s prescription (Plant, 1992). Such are for example those of the opiate family some of which are meant for relieving pain and for speeding up recovery especially after surgery. The danger with these kinds of drugs lies with the possibility of being accessed by other members of the family whereby if not well stored may use them without minding the doctor’s prescription or their intended use (Plant, 1992). As a result of addiction, a person may become irresponsible especially where family matters are concerned. Marriages and families break up as a result of addiction whereby one or both partners dedicate most of their time and resources to activities such as drug and alcohol abuse thereby neglecting their duties and responsibilities as well as misappropriation of family wealth. In addition, most of the activities that result in addiction are against the law and as such, the affected persons may cause their families to go through mental torture and humiliation as a result of constant conflicts with law enforcers.
&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. The main problem lies in the fact that most of the addicts do not submit to the realization that they are addicted to the substances.&nbsp.