Different languages in the united states

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Spanish is ranked second after English, among spoken languages of United States. French comes third, and after these million of Americans speakGerman, Italian, Chineese, Urdu, regularly.There are two counties, where Navaho speakers are in highest concentration and Yupik speakers in one out of total thirty-five. US English Foundation Inc. reported 322 languages are spoken in the United States. among that English is the most common language. There are more than two Billions English speakers. Among all Americans, 96% are well versed with English. If languages are arranged alphabetically it starts from Abnaki to Zuni, whereas in order English, Spanish, French, Chinese, German is the most common language of United States. In numbers, it is found. Eight languages have a speaker more in 1 Million, 13 languages have a speaker in 0.5 Million and around 38 languages have a speaker in 0.1 Million. Furthermore, only English and Spanish are the languages spoken by +1 percent of total American population. California is the state where 207 different languages are spoken, whereas 169, 163, 145, 138,135,134, 132,130, and 129 different languages are spoken in New York, Washington, Texas, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey and Arizon respectively. Wyoming is the state where fewest languages are spoken in United States (Languages in America ). … Urdu, Punjabi, Gujratic, Hindi, Iranian, and Greek languages are also placed in this category. 3. Asian and pacific Island languages Chinese. Korean. Japanese. Vietnamese. Hmong. Khmer. Lao. Thai. and Tagalog is put in Asian and P Island languages. Furthermore, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam. Philippine, Polynesian, and Micronesian are also placed in this division. 4. Others All other languages named above are grouped in this category.Uralic languages (such as Hungarian), the Semitic languages (Arabic, Hebrew, etc.), languages of Africa, and N North, South and Central America, etc. are placed in this class. English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, etc. is the most common immigrant language in the United States. English is the most common language of the United States. However, it is not the official language, instead of many recommendations of making English its native language.American English is the title given to the diversity of English spoken in the United States. and when it amalgamates with the Canadian English it makes up the group of languages known as North American English. Spanish is the second most spoken language in United States, because of rapid growth in their population, especially in the United States.United Statesis consideredas thefifth largest population where Spanish is spoken. In all, 2,725 of the 3,141 counties (86.8 percent) in the United States had English and Spanish as their first and second most common languages – 2,690 with English first and Spanish second and 35 with Spanish first and English second. Frequency of Germany spoken is alternative to Spanish in the United States. It is the