Different Approaches towards PRCampaign

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This will cost the business 12.95 per week. For this, they get exclusivity and a call answering service. Businesses will be attracted because Exclusivity and call answering so they know their advertising return on investment. Customers will be attracted because of the Freephone number. They can find anything from an emergency plumber, taxi service, stripper or even an escort – they’ll be everything under one roof”.

This is the requirement to which this paper is devoted. This paper covers the aspects of businesses that would advertise in the “Next Gen Yellow Pages” and the kind of target audience that this business venture would service. Further, the paper is developed in such a way that the details like the client names, the campaign objectives and the ethical considerations underpinning the venture have to be taken into account. The strategy that needs to be employed for such a public relations campaign the kind of advertising that needs to accompany such a venture is considered. The paper would be followed by a campaign exhibition that would cover the collateral to be used for marketing and advertising purposes. This paper would form the theoretical basis for the same.

The client name is called “Next Gen Yellow Pages”. It is a business venture that has been set up to provide the customers with a phone in number for each postal code of the city wherein the customers can call the call centre and the company would inform the number of the customer to the concerned business. This is especially useful for the customers since they have the details of the businesses in each postal code instead of the entire city and it is also useful for the businesses as they would not have to square up against all the businesses in the entire city but can concentrate on servicing customers in each postal code.

This client has to reach out to the customers who want to use the Yellow Pages and the USP or the Unique Selling Proposition of the client is its emphasis on a particular postal code and the exclusivity that comes with it.&nbsp.&nbsp.