DietRelated Disease in the UK

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Knowledgeable parents can choose the best food for their children wisely. These parents can promote positive developments for their children. Parents who are not knowledgeable about nutrients foster the negative development of children as they are unconscious of the real impact of food taken (Preedy, 2011). Education of parents on nutrients is thus important. Its importance is reflected in the food chosen.
In the United Kingdom, there are various channels that are used to educate parents. For instance, though the internet, parents can develop and expand their knowledge of nutrients. Hospitals have also played a big role in the education of parents. During clinical visits for pregnant parents, healthcare professionals educate women on the best food for them and their young once during and before birth. Hospitals also give them brochures, which describe the nutrient quality and quantity of food. Social media like the radio and the television have also been routes where parents can access important information on nutrients. Through these and other channels, education on nutrients has been highly spread in the United Kingdom. Today, many parents are conscious of the nutrients needs for their infants (London, 2011).In the past, obesity was the problem of adults. It was relevant among people advanced in age. However, small children, even under the age of two years are now among the obese people in the United Kingdom.