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Operant Conditioning: Skinner’s Box The game applied both positive and negative reinforcement. Positive reinforcement applied whenever I clicked the correct button and was presented with a virtual candy. Negative reinforcement on the other hand came in the form of annoying sounds whenever I clicked the green and red buttons/lights. The activity was quite frustrating initially. Getting to beyond the first screen to the Skinner box took me some time. The instructions to get to the box proved to be illusive and I had to figure out how to get through this challenge quite eager to see what was in the box and what the activity was all about. After trying different things severally, I realised that the way to the box was right clicking on the screen and choosing play. Getting around realizing what makes the candy drop and disappearing was another huddle for me. Several times, I clicked on the attractive red and green buttons/lights hoping that if I clicked a certain number of times a miracle would happen. The sound that I got as response became quite annoying the more I clicked. I tried clicking on the other items in the skinner box and realised that these too did not make any change. Nothing left to click inside the box, I opted to right click and play. This did the magic. a candy dropped from the roof. I clicked on the candy and realised that it disappeared. I hence learnt the sequence. right click, select play, wait for the roof to open and release a candy, consume the candy by clicking on it or clicking play again.