Development of the Reanimation Strategy in the Netherlands and Russia

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The history of the relationship between Russia and the Netherlands is said to be rich in nature as it has existed for almost a thousand years ( Since then, the history has been the primary witness of the successful relationship which has been established and nurtured by these two countries in terms of trade relations and other diplomatic missions. In spite of the on and off the deterioration of bilateral relations which occurred in the 1920s to 1950s, the two nations still managed to regain their traditional friendly relations in the 1960s. During this period, a number of agreements were signed including cooperation on the field of peaceful uses of atomic energy. cultural cooperation. scientific research in agriculture. and many more. The bilateral relations continued to thrive and progress particularly after the disintegration of the USSR and the formation of the Commonwealth of Independent States. Here, the Dutch became a solid supporter of the leadership policies and reforms by the Russian government ( The relationship grew stronger in recent years which are evident in the intensive exchanges between ministries in relation to transport, education, culture and science, and agriculture. Moreover, law-enforcement agencies of Russia and the Netherlands also developed collaboration to support objective to fight organized criminal bodies. As military ties developed between the two countries, interparliamentary exchanges pursued to grow also. As of this time, Holland remains one of the major trade and economic partners of Russia. As such, as of 2008, the Netherlands holds the second-largest trading partner of Russia with a total volume of about $62 billion. In specific terms, the Tehran Times (2009) depicted the serious energy plans of the two countries, stressing the intent of Dutch companies to extend cooperation with Russia in Biotechnology, IT and Telecommunications, and energy projects. The relationship between the two countries has been strengthened even more as both shared mutual understanding and cooperation in the field of environmental protection.