Development of a Classroom Community

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1250 The educators can develop such a setting by encouraging students to make friendships, celebrate their friends’ birthdays, share their snacks in lunchtime, make them play cooperatively, design respect notes for teachers, go on a nature hunt, and much more. Establishment of friendships is important for all children since it teaches them the importance of others in their lives. They learn to understand what others are like and how to please them. This is an important aspect of positive behavior. They learn to communicate with each other and understand others’ beliefs, attitudes, and standards. They learn to respect their peers and teachers. This respectfulness makes them achieve a good place in the eyes of their educators. They also learn to share things and enjoy being a part of a collaborative environment. They learn to be compassionate toward others and be honest with their work and belongings. They learn to understand each others’ perspectives. These are all the attributes of a caring classroom community where the main focus of the educators is to inculcate in the children the best interpersonal and social skills so that they are able to help themselves out of any difficult situation they might encounter within the school premises and are able to learn best lessons which they can apply to their family lives too.