Developing new online ecommerce or ebusiness company

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The business model will explain the basic business strategy and the mode of operation for the new E business plan. The business model will not be focusing on the potential revenues and the costs involved. however the methods of generating revenue through the business will be dealt with in detail.In the UK, there are a number of insurance service providers and hence many options are available to the customers. In the search for the perfect insurance, the customers collect information from various websites, visit the insurance providers or make numerous calls to enquire about the policies. This business will aim to provide a one stop service with all the details, features and prices of the various policies available in the, as the name indicates will focus on providing a price comparison service to the customers in the UK. The main product that will be focused will be the General Motor Insurance, along with other products such as, breakdown insurance, pet insurance, home amp. contents insurance as well as life insurance. Financial products such as credit cards, personal loans will also be included in the service. Utilities comparison service will also be provided as part of the service.The customer will enter the website and select the product he is interested in. The customer will then enter some of his personal details, or login, if he is an existing customer. Once the required details are entered, the customer will be prompted with questions related to the product he is interested in. Based on the details entered, will connect to the quote engines of the partners and will provide a consolidated list of all the quotes to the customer. Provision will be given to sort the details based on a number of criterion. The customer can then select the preferred provider and complete the transaction by paying the required amount in the partner’s website. This flow is illustrated in the