Developing Countries Promote Manage Economic Development

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This case shall be compared to Sub-Saharan Africa since it has a record of failed and poor development of the economy.Governance and democracy are two different aspects in a country3. Governance is the act of leading people in an accountable way. The way leaders conduct their roles, as per their capacity leads to an even economic distribution for all the individuals across a country. The two factors, governance, and democracy, can have a huge implication in political and economic state of a country4. In this case, the political aspect is considered because it is a fundamental element for economic development in any country. From the World Bank point of view, governance is the way power is applied to the social and economic aspects of a country’s affairs, for the purpose of development5. Therefore, governance plays a crucial role in the economic development of a particular country.The development stage in East Asia and Africa is significantly different. The stages of development differ in terms of political, social and economic activities. The difference has been brought about by the governance that is being administered in the two areas. In this paper, The researcher shall take an example of Zimbabwe, where the leaders, in the government, are even unable to enhance the economic performance6. They have also failed to develop economic conditions since there are ever-changing regimes in the country. A good and a strong governance leads to success in the economic performance of the particular country. For instance, from the East Asia, let us take an example of Taiwan. Here there is a strong governance that leads to the creation of a conducive environment, that attracts private and even foreign investment, thus leading to successful economic development7. Therefore, governance in any developing country plays a crucial role in the economic achievement of the state. Most developing countries