Developing an Independent Living Program

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Personal care services (Doctor, dentist, eye clinic etc)
Time Keeping
Awareness of other services
Sequencing of events (planning daily activities)
Household Bills
Social welfare entitlements
Nua Healthcare Services
Course Title
Independent living program
Course code:
Aims and Objectives
To empower the resident with the life skills to live independently.
To become more active within the community.
To improve daily living skills.
To build self-confidence and self-esteem.
To work at the residents pace in achieving independent living
One Year. Broken into monthly targets.
How course is delivered:
on an individual basis
small group (2-4 individuals)
large group (max 6 individuals)
Core competency requirement: none completion of previous course or other (detail below)
Each individual resident must achieve a 75% score in order to move into independent living.
Resources Required:
Budget: ______________ per person per group
Total Budget for course: _______________
Facility in which course to be held:
_Winterdown semi-independent living unit______
Staff Requirement (other than instructor) yes no
Details: The resident will be assigned an individual key worker from residential unit they have moved out from.
Nua Healthcare Services
Course Title: __Independent Living Program Part 1 Course Modules
Module Number
Duration (hours)
Resources needed – (monetary, facility, staff)
See specific module for details
Money management
Money :
Extra Staff:
Specific Facilities:
Nutrition/Meal preparation
Money :…
In order for the transition to take place from residential care to Semi independent living to independent living with minimal support, there are a number of skills and abilities the resident must be competent of performing. Nua Healthcare will aim to empower the resident in learning how to be competent in independent living with minimal support through a yearly care plan.
The care plan will be carried out on a monthly basis with resident and key worker. Skills in which the resident will need to learn should be incorporated into the care plan targets over a twelve month period. The care plan will be reviewed at the end of each month by the key worker, team leader and regional manager. The review will help identify if the programme is moving too slow or fast for the person’s capabilities. It will also ensure that the capable skills the resident needs to learn are being taught sufficiently.
This course is designed to assist young individuals ages 6-8/9-12/13-17 to have an interactive connection with the society thus giving them a chance to interact with students of their own age bracket. The focus of this particular course is to assist the young individuals learn about their capabilities and how these capabilities could help others and vice versa.