Determining Causes and Effects

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This paper seeks to establish the major causes of stress and their subsequent effects on college students. In order to achieve this, the paper will categorize stress into a number of classes. These categories are broad representations of the underlying stress causing factors which will be subsequently broken down to give an insight on the stressors.The college environment is a dynamic mix of students from different cultural backgrounds and orientations. These students are meant to interact within the school environment. These interactions could be based on curricular or extra-curricular activities. The transitional approach to college life requires that the student adapt to the new college environment. Freshmen for instance are known to experience heightened levels of stress in trying to settle in to the new dimensions of college life. The students are required to learn interpersonal skills that will enable them cope with other students from diverse cultural backgrounds. Due to the diversity in culture orientations, conflicts are meant to arise. The occurrence of conflicts is commonplace in any society. The most important thing however is finding a way to resolve these conflicts. Unresolved conflicts that arise due to interpersonal interactions between students lead to substantial increase in stress levels (Wright, 1967).An individual is a complex assembly of different faculties, the body, and the soul. The individual ultimate end is achieving happiness. The intricate mix of the body and soul play an integral role in achieving this ultimate end. All the actions an individual engages in are meant to derive some form of satisfaction and happiness to the individual. In the event that the individual engages in activities that fail to realize this objective, then he/she is stressed. Intrapersonal factors refer to the mix of factors that shape the path that an