Design Thinking within Businesses

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To my family, I dedicate this to you.Design thinking involves inputting design and creativity into a business organization. It is interpreted in two ways in the world of business. The first one involves designers introducing their input into the business, either by training people in business or by partaking in the business themselves. The second one involves designers coming up with great innovative products. A good example is the iPod, a revolutionizing product in design thinking. In recent times, design thinking has been explored. with companies such as Sense Worldwide and IDEO headlining such advances.Design thinking is a concept that began in the 1940s with the need to solve problems using creative techniques. Harold van Doren went on to publish Industrial Design – A Practical Guide to Product and Development in 1940. This publication discussed the methods and practices of design. The invention of computer programs capable of problem-solving came up later in the 1960s. These programs headlined what was known as the soft-systems approach. This was just the beginning of design thinking and appreciation of this method in business has grown over the years. With the turn of the century, the term design thinking became very popular in business circles with a myriad of books such as Florida (2002), Martin (2007), Lockwood (2010) among others advocating for design-focused places of work. Universities and other learning institutions also identified this concept and began offering relevant programs as part of their curricula. IDEO was one of the pioneers led by Tim Brown, the company’s CEO to date.At IDEO, for example, the branch of the organization that deals with Corporate Social Responsibility. has worked with different non-governmental organizations to build drones. to improve health in remote corners of the earth. If a natural disaster may have occurred at a place that has been determined to be impassable, the drones can be used to deliver medicine or immunizations to people living in such areas.