Design Project and Application of Plan Do Check and Act Concept for Quality Improvement

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A Separate BU (Business Unit) called Foundation IP was working on providing library design solutions to Conexant’s internal customers (Physical design amp. Sign off teams). Challenge was to establish a team of competent technical ASIC / VLSI design engineers who could be able to complete this project in 30 days (Actual time required to renew a library of 650 cells in approximately 60 days to 75 days through minimum 8 skilled engineers in relevant domain in various stages, if consider an economic team amp. every single is considered to be an individual contributor or expert in the particular phase of design flow) as the library has to be made available to the chip integration or physical design amp. sign off / pre-silicon validation teams that has to be done in 60 days before it is taped out to the foundry. The time was very short amp. an impractical deadline has to be met. Technical Team Size: 5 Newly Hired Senior Design Engineers (E1/E2 Grade). Library Managers Role: Responsible for collection of complaints amp. bugs in design library from all internal customers of Conexant Systems Inc. on daily basis by meeting up with them through video conference for geographically distributed teams amp. by phone, meeting with local officials on physical presence in discussion with them or in their cabins. Documentation of bugs amp. development of specifications for the library design team for relevant requirements or corrections. Application of engineering experience in solving designers all technical amp. non-technical issues with on-going projects, training design engineers in technical aspects of solving design problems amp. making aware of the latest trends in the industry. Development or modification of design flows, project planning (time, amount of work, design-related technical plans to approach the problems amp. solving them, etc), implementation of plans, checking amp. evaluation of the performance of project execution process. The present challenge in front of the library manager amp. design team: In-sufficient number of engineers for the execution of the project in 30 days, it will take not less than 75 days to complete the project with a present workforce of five engineers. The tasks were already overloaded amp. engineers are already highly exploited amp. increasing it more may result in disintegration of team or losing the team itself, because of continuous labor law violations in working hour limitations amp. severely challenging human capability, dominating/affecting their personal lives amp. time, may result in indulgence of company in legal issues, if somebody bothered it amp. reacted in against. Quality Improvement Planning (P-Plan): To make own flow for Standard Cell Library Design Cycle. To hire five more experienced engineers, to relax the present load amp. distribution of workload will reduce individual pressure. Process Implementation (D-Do): Manager documented the roles amp. responsibility details of desired skills to be searched to HR.