Describing your perfect day off and give details of your activities for the day

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A Perfect Day Off The working week ends up with a holiday for the people. Everybody has his own activities or personal events waiting on that day. I personally believe that a day off brings much relief to the person who is involved too much in the working and studying area. I like spending my day off with my family and friends. The time distribution is almost equal for both. I like to share my experiences, have a decent yet frank chat with them and have lunch and dinner out on my day off.A perfect day off is much like a day of celebrations for me. I like to party, hang out and chat with my friends and family members who are neglected somehow due to my busy schedule. I like to wake up with a call on the breakfast with my family and a smooth and soothing conversation during the breakfast meal is always welcomed. Shopping with family or friends rests one of the perfect holiday activities that I enjoy the most. Having fun at malls, playing virtual games and even roaming around gives much more pleasure than staying home and resting. My perfect day off revolves around people I love and admire. To me, a perfect and joyous holiday is dependent on the company I have on that particular day and then the occasions or events we celebrate together. I love travelling from place to place, shopping, chatting with people and having all the decent fun including partying on my holidays. I believe that such days relieve the tensions of life and provide a peace of mind to us.