Describing Good Speaker

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In contrast, my previous supervisor was one of the worst speakers I have ever come across! Our monthly meeting used to be a sheer waste of time. He would never come equipped with necessary information or knowledge regarding the issues that were to be discussed. He would also often digress from the main agenda and go on talking to the whiteboard, which was never actually required. His evasive tactics showed his poor capabilities and each of us would be looking at the clock to strike 5 so that we could all leave. The two cases of public speakers have been good examples from whom I have taken good tips. As a good public speaker, one should come equipped with knowledge as well as an understanding of the audience. This way one not only earns the respect of the people but is also able to inform the audience about the concerned topic. Eye contact with people is important because it inculcates personal bonding and trust. The occasional witty remarks and use of humor greatly strengthen the connection with the audience.