Describing and Illustrating the Rehabilitation Process

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Rehabilitation specialists guide blind and impaired persons to live smoothly with their abnormality. Some individuals are provided with optical aids for better vision.
“According to the RNIB, there are about 80 different eye conditions which can affect sight in various ways” (Shepherd, 2001, p.14). Some of the conditions are cataracts, colour blindness, glaucoma and short- and long-sightedness. WHO statistics show that there are 314 million people who are visually impaired around the globe among which 45million are blind. Risks can be categorized by gender, age and geographically. Worldwide, females at all ages and older people are at higher risk to become visually impaired. 82% of visually impaired people are age 50 and above. Blindness in children is a major problem globally where 1.4million are below age 15. Visually impaired children are more than 12million at age 5-15 because of uncorrected refractive errors. 87% of people who are visually impaired belong to developing countries which indicate that they are not distributed evenly throughout the world.
Visually impaired individuals experience difficulties in a variety of tasks based on eye condition such as macular degeneration. In cataract, the far and near vision is badly affected. Visual impairment impacts on capabilities like the ability to see, contrast sensitivity, colour vision, adjustment to changing light levels, visual field&nbsp.width, altering focus, considering moving images and glare sensitivity. “Visual impairments were often misunderstood by others and the absence of facial recognition was experienced as a severe barrier to social interaction” (Diana, et al, 2008, para.1).
Characteristics of the chosen fictional client:
The character in this study is Mr John Vas, 52 years old and was the director of a multinational IT company in Manhattan before meeting with a fatal accident which damaged his optical nerve thereby rendering him blind. The doctors have ruled out the chances of bringing back vision although money can be spent through insurance and self-finance. Mr. John had really led a very busy life with his office work, family – wife and two kids and his social partying at the weekends. His favourite hobbies were blogging on the internet and watching and playing basketball.