Describe the unique qualities that attract you to the specific undergraduate College or School (including preferred admission and dual degree programs) to which you are applying at the University of Michigan How would that curriculum support your interes

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Unique qualities of Michigan For better part of my childhood, I longed for a career whereby I would use my God-given skills and create something that will not only outlive me but also touch millions of people. I was always fascinated by the vision of the Wright Brothers, the intelligence of Albert Einstein and the almost perfect nature of Steve Jobs. All these great men influenced me to a great deal and it was no wonder that during my high school years I had settled for courses that would allow me to be admitted in one of the best engineering schools in the world.In addition, I have always admired entrepreneurs. My idea is after my college education I would end up with a degree in my specialty as well as another one in business administration to give an edge in my entrepreneurial endeavors. The biggest challenge was finding a school with these 2 unique combinations that would allow me to proceed with my education simultaneously, without having to complete one first and then doing the other one later. Early in my high school education, I discovered that if at all I was to achieve my dreams of concurrent studying and that of being the best then I had also to enroll in one of the best schools with such unique qualities. That school to me was Michigan School of Engineering. Michigan School of Engineering is one of the premier engineering colleges in US. The school is frequently rated as one of the best 10 engineering schools by different ranking systems in the US in addition to being amongst the best 15 schools globally. Between 1999-2009, the school was rated 5th worldwide for academic citations as well as published papers. I was attracted to this school, not only because of its being ranked as one of the best globally but also because of its unique curriculum catering for people with special interests like mine.Michigan school of Engineering offers dual Baccalaureate Degree Programs and thus perfectly suits students with interest in over one program, like me. One may therefore work for an extra bachelor’s degree simultaneously with proper planning of their course elections. It is therefore possible for students to fulfill the subject requirements of both programs in a minimum length of time by discussing early with their respective program advisors. In addition, the school avails opportunities for one to attain an extra bachelor’s degree in the School of Science, literature ,the Arts, School of Business Administration ,School of Music as well as other academic units which are all available under Multiple Dependent Degree Programs preferences. Michigan’s programs usually take 11 to 12 terms to finish due to variations in the requirements of various degrees. Finally students that are enrolled for a bachelor’s in College of Engineering as well as College of Literature, Science and the Arts (LSamp.A) may attain the degrees in both colleges concurrently by registering in the Combined Degree Program that was set up by the 2 colleges. The objective of this program is making it convenient for the interested learners (like me) to acquire a wider education than would usually be possible by registering in only a single college. This will especially be beneficial for me since I am willing to develop some depth of learning and knowledge in both technical studies offered in the College of Engineering in addition to the natural social or physical sciences as well as humanities offered in LSamp.A. Thus such a combination offers me an absolutely liberal 21st century education and an excellent preparation for overcoming the challenges of modern-day society which to a large extent comprises of both technical and sociological issues.Works cited