Describe the major physical changes that may occur during middle age

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In the modern day existence of the social life of the mankind, the middle age group starts from after 35 to 38 years of age. By this time number of traits and features become visible in the physical, mental and overall psychological appearance of the humans.
These physical changes include grayish appearance of hair in head, the bulging out of tummy on the part of men mostly, going bald, and wrinkles showing up on face. The tall ones mostly and slightly tilt down in built.
Apart from these visible physical appearances and changes, the other changes include weakening in terms of physical strength. Minor diseases such as diabetes, sugar and other skin related problems are few of the broad line features that appear on the middle age individuals (Stanfield, p 157).
The middle age is important on the fact that minor negligence either way can lead to unhealthy life in the later stages. The actions that may be taken for a better and healthy middle life leading to old age includes proper diet, regular fitness, exercise, regular sleep, consulting the physicians on regular basis and following other basic principles of healthy life. Abstaining from drugs and other means of abuse and harmful elements should also be taken into consideration. Engaging into positive activities and overcoming the negative trends of depression and other complex talk in the society is another remedy and solution to as to how can one live a health life.
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