Describe a setting in which you have collaborated or interacted with people whose experiences and/or

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It was my first time in this church. As I got in, very strange faces were looking at me. I did not understand why. Maybe it was because I got to church late, maybe there was an order of getting into this church. But I didnt understand why the looks on the faces of these people. The service had begun, and the pastor was addressing the congregation. I quietly sat on an empty seat that I found in one of the last rows of the first column.
The pastor went on and on with his preaching until it reached a moment when he was calling on people who were troubled in mind, the sick, the traumatized and those with special petitions to move forward for a special prayer. It was a hard thing for me to do as I was new in this church. As we know, each and every church has its way of doing things, so I did not want to do anything that would not be in order with the church doctrines.
I first waited for other people to step forward, and something came to my mind that I also need to step forward because I had a problem that needed some solution. When everyone who wanted to move in front was already there, the pastor made the last call. He said that theres someone who is still sitting down, but, as he can see. he looks really troubled in mind. The face of this person shows it all. The person also looks like a new person in the church, so if you were the one, you needed also to step forward for a special prayer. I saw that all these descriptions of the pastor were just narrowing down to me. The problem was how he knew I was troubled and had some problem in the mind. So everything was showing in my face.
At first, I started to doubt this church and the pastor whether it was a true church of God or not. I then made a decision to move in front. After the prayer, the pastor asked to meet me alone in one of the special rooms in the church building. I agreed to do saw and availed myself at the right time. It is this time that I explained to the pastor that I fear for my