Department 8101

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After a scrupulous job search, the department hired Rita as the new Executive officer. Her leadership style was questionable as it much relied on dictatorship. She worked harder in doing things her way and pressured people to follow her. This created tension in the entire management team and increased high cases of absenteeism. Around the middle of August, the entire department strike from performing their daily duties, and disregarded Rita’s leadership and command. By the end of August, Rita lost control of her leadership and productivity kept on getting worse and worse. Following this, Rita ended up leaving the company while being depressed for not achieving the goals she had set. The aim of this essay is to summarize this study by applying various concepts that range from communication processes, Johari window for each person, leadership style, decision-making processes to cognitive dissonance involved.
Various types of communication processes are involved in this case study. These include non-verbal, verbal, intentional, and unintentional. After Hank retirement, Rita arrived and was introduced to the entire team. At this point, the management utilized non-verbal communication after being introduced to Rita to evaluate whether or not she was worth the position. This was done through the following physical ways of communication, the body motion, hand gestures, and facial expressions. After this connection, the team observed that Rita was a competent individual worth replacing Hank. Thereafter, Rita introduced herself to the group via oral words commonly classified as the verbal communication process. Through this communication process, the entire team learnt that Rita was a former Marine sergeant, who had recently retired from the military as an interim administrator.
For the first two weeks, Rita was reserved for intentional communication without engaging anyone into conservation. She used conventional pre-symbolic behaviours such as shaking the head, waving, and observing a few things in the department.