Dental Admission

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PERSONAL MENT A solitary bland time-piece on a pale blue wall tolls the first dark hour in midnight’s wake. A child, the tender age of 12, lies awake in his dank, cold bed. The vile darkness shrouds her in a tangible web of fear and wicked delusion. A cacophony of silence descends upon her shivering form. Her quilt lies, thrown asunder, off of her huddled form, evidence of a sleepless tussle. The ceiling fan creaks solemnly above, a monotonous jarring abeyance to the morbid silence. The air-conditioning hums softly, a prayer to end this chronic suffering. The child’s thoughts wander, her cerebrum trying to weave together strains of rational thought, struggling to find answers to inquisitions a mind as young as her was never meant to ponder upon. All, in vain. She drifts, tragically at sea, through an ocean of befuddling questions to which the realm of logic fails to provide substantial answers. What is existence Why are we here What is to become of me What’s the point What happens after we die What lies beyond our world, our existence What is our purpose The queries grow as her mind strains to find answers, to find meaning behind this intangible veil of existence. The questions come to be her bane. Curiosity, becomes her. She questions existence, questions his purpose. He questions being. That child was me.
I continued to question life, until one day recently when I was engrossed into deep conversation with my sister. She narrated to me her peaceful missionary trip to Kenya. It reminded me of the serenity and tranquility of the moments I had spent in a missionary camp at Yeun-byun, China. After days of contemplation and reflection, I met my father’s old friend who served the poor as a dentist. His passion for his job and the society was contagious. After a deep study of dentistry along with its pros and cons, I gained profound respect for this subject. That is when I realized what the ‘purpose of my existence’ was. I apprehended that it was helping the deprived that gave me utter satisfaction and pleasure. Being an adventurous person, I’ve always had a liking for exploring new places. I want to make this quest real and visit third world countries to assist them with my skills of dentistry to treat the underprivileged free of cost.
I have finished my degree in Humanities and Social Sciences from Washtenaw Community College in 2005. after which I graduated with Bachelors in Sciences from University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2007. I have conducted research as a Research and Lab Assistant in the Genetics Medical as well as Biochemistry department at Madison, Wisconsin. Also I’ve worked as a florist and wedding planner along with other experiences such as a translator, cashier and hostess. I have been the president of the Korean Engineering amp. Science Association. social chair of Korean Economics Student Association. and an active member of the UW-Madison Pre-Dental Association. I’ve also taken part in many musical associations at Madison, Wisconsin. I have not only received a number of scholarships such as, Leven, Maurice amp. Marie Scholarship, Atlanta Alumni Club Scholarship and William F. Vilas Scholarship. but have also been on the Dean’s High Honor Roll from 2003-2005.
With this much that I have already achieved in life and a strong commitment and passion for more, I now want to pursue my career as a dentist. There were about 161,000 dentists in the US in 2006. (Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2008-09 Edition) I have faith that I can become one of them, do you
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