Demonstrating Effective Leadership Category Racism

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Racism is important to my field of study as it allows identification of the avenues through which racism is demonstrated, understanding of the reasons behind the actions of individuals who participate in racism, and the psychology behind racism.Angie is the leader in the case where she is being informed via email that an employee, Carl who is the postal clerk is a racist. The issue in the case is that Lisa has photographs of Carl depicting him in paramilitary regalia that identifies to Nazi and photographs of lynching, confederate flags, and cross burnings leading to the decision that she is a racist. The cause of the issue is the weekend participation of Carl in wearing and attending meetings in Nazi regalia and associating with them, which has come to the knowledge of Lisa who has sent the photographs to Angie.Angie managed the situation well in the case through informing Carl that there are repercussions of the practice of participating in meetings or groupings that relate to racism. She informs Carl that he could be fired, which will aid in reducing the chances of racism at the workplace (Murray-GarcĂ­a, 2014).Penny Barret, the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts is the leader in this case where the issue is a hate speech note has been written in anonymous evaluation forms of Professor Becker by a student. The issue in the case is the presence of racism at Dean of the College of Liberal Arts as demonstrated by hate speech remarks in anonymous professor evaluation forms. He managed the situation well through the implementation of formal actions through which racism can be reduced or eliminated at the college (Larsen, 2013). The commitments made by Penny Barret include ensuring the existence of the policy against hate speech and that the policy supersedes anonymity by students who post racist messages ensuring the presence of actions to investigate the matter and take action.The commonalities in the two cases are that the two cases show the presence of racism at the workplace despite the fact that there is an indirect relation in both cases where through association Carl is referred to as a racist while a student anonymously uses a racist remark on Professor Becker.