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Consultation on President Obama’s Democratic Election Assessment of the Campaign to The democratic presidential campaign despite its ups and downs can be said to have been doing well so far. However, this does not mean that the candidate is able to let his foot off the gas as the race has not been completely won yet, and there are still some factors that will need to be attended to in order to assure a victory on Election Day. So far, the president has concentrated on promoting the issues that have turned out successfully such as the Obama healthcare plan which was introduced during his past term in the office and seems to be garnering popularity amongst many people (Siegel). However, there are still a number of other subjects that need to be addressed such as the creation of jobs which even though has risen since his term in office, the rate does not seem to have satisfied a large number of people and has been sued by the opposition to campaign against his credibility for a second term in office. These issues will need to be looked into to reassure the general public (Siegel). The candidate’s stance on the promotion of gay marriage has also served as a big boost to his election campaign as this minority group has fully backed the candidate for a second spell in office as a result. In terms of issue selection, the candidate has done well to pick job creation and national healthcare as the main talking points as these are subjects that affect every American and thus can be said to be the key topics that they will likely focus on(Siegel). The opinion polls have shown that the candidate has managed to maintain a slight advantage over the position, but the gap is too small to allow for any comfort, so this does not mean that he cannot be overtaken in the election. The advertisement campaigns have done well to hit to focus on the achievements of the president during his term in office instead of slandering his opponent s this paints the candidate as a man of integrity in a field which is often referred to as a dirty game. Effectiveness of the Campaign Strategies As mentioned earlier, the advertising campaigns and their focus on issues concerning the elections have played a big role in forming the candidate’s image as a man of integrity. The adverts attacking his opponent have also been centered on issues affecting the country instead of the opponent himself while the truth campaigns have served to fight back the negative image and lies that have created by the opposition in a bid to taint the candidate’s image (Siegel). This has gone to show that the candidate is more concerned with addressing the problems affecting the country and not destroying his opponents image. His performance in the debate, especially the first one however has left much to be desired for as the candidate was definitely outshone by his opponent in this section. His response the questions were not clear, and the candidate looked tired and unsure of himself. The opponent on the other hand was sharp concise and gave what can be described as the right answers to the right questions (Siegel). A turning point in the election has been the occurrence of Hurricane Sandy and the candidate’s response to the cry for help from those who are affected. This may be the candidate’s savior in the elections as a majority of people were satisfied and impressed by the candidate’s response to what was considered a national crisis serving to build up his image(Siegel). All in all, the candidate has been able to connect with the people during times of crisis showing that he is a caring leader, but the debate may have also affected his image depicting him as an individual who is unsure of himself but not so bad as he cannot recover from it. Though the debate may have affected the candidate in a negative manner, he has still been able to connect his position on main issues such as job creation with the voters’ attitudes and beliefs successfully. Recommendation The candidate will require to maintain the pace of his election strategies if not increase it which will include beefing up his image as a man who is in touch with the needs of the people and knows how to achieve these needs. This will mean convincing the public that his stance on various issues such as job creation, healthcare and gay marriages is the right one for the country as well as ensuring them of his capability to handle the tasks ahead of him should he win a second term in office (Siegel). This can be accomplished using various media with the internet being the most effective during the last stages of the election as well as face to face forums with various influential groups in the country such as Gay rights activists (Siegel). His arguments on the various issues should be short, precise and convincing enough to turn anyone who may be thinking differently. The truth team should continue with its work of exposing the lies in the negative ad campaigns that have been set up against the candidate by the opposition to ensure that no voters are turned so close to the elections. Reference Siegel, Host, Robert. New Technologies Boosted Obama Campaign’s Efforts. NPA. November 12, 2012. Web. November 27, 2012.