Dell as the World’s Business Leaders

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Early on in its history, it managed to give the image of being a giant while it was running as a small firm (Chozich, 2005). As a company, it has managed to give IBM, HP, Compaq, and many other stiff competition by selling individual computers that are assembled from custom-ordered components. Its business philosophy was to sell directly to the customers, which enabled the company to directly interact with the clients and helped in understanding their requirements.The strategy enabled the organization to serve the needs of their customers with some very effective solutions. Dell custom assembled each computer according to the selection of options by the clients, which lead to lower prices than competitors but enhanced convenience to customers and to the company (Wikipedia, 2007). Over the past twenty-three years, Dell worked hard and overtook industry giants following their own business model of direct selling instead of going through retailers and resellers (Lee, 2006).Since the development of the industry, as well as the business of selling computers, comes with the need of having computers as an essential element of life today, the growth of industry happened more or less simultaneously with the growth of the internet. As the internet developed, people started buying and selling goods on the internet and even computers came to be sold on the internet as well as over the phone as in the case of Dell. However, in the last ten years, the industry has gone through several revolutions that have made it highly competitive and drastically shrunk the margins available to sellers.While the computer industry has gone through many changes in terms of how it uses technology and how it governs the assembly of computer components into functioning systems. The basic elements which form a computer such as memory, hard disks, CPUs, and other peripherals have not changed much in their form or function.