Delegation Nursing

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Delegation Nursing Case Study Ethics plays a vital role in institution offering services, like medical institutions. Nursing has an eminent role in taking care of those with health problems. The role of nurses is to provide services where needed and to the community at large. For services of health restoration to be offered to individuals fully, then the first class kind of supervision have to be in place. Supervisors have to ensure that there is. respect for human dignity, good relationship between nurses and patients, respect for the nature of health problems of the patients, privacy and confidentiality of the patients is maintained and more so, there is a good health environment. This should not narrow us down only to the environment provided to the patients alone but supervisors have to make sure that there is self moral respect like professional growth and maintenance of competence. With the above highlighted factors in place, good interdisciplinary care in the clinic is guaranteed. It is good to recognize the efforts put in place by Ms. W in trying to help Ms. R to recover from her health problem. Thank you for being patriotic to your job. Richard Lennon in his book entitled, Twelve rules of delegation, says that delegation is a two-way street. That is, it develops you and the people you are working with (Lenon, 2008). It is fine if you delegate duties to your subordinate staff to help you keep track of Ms. R progress. Yes, she is absconding appointments, always late on appointments, sometimes she misses on important test and she does not have her dose as per your instruction. Now that you have known this, it will be wise if you will delegate duties to yours subordinate staff. They will help you in the follow up of the patient. Whereby, this subdivision and sub allocation of power will give you positive results.Referring her to another clinic might not be the solution because she might repeat the same habit again. In return after referral, it might not be the best decision ever on patient optimization. Having a subordinate staff is a true assurance that they are there to help you. Referral of patients might bring out a filling of intimidation among the subordinates. Remember that duty delegation enables employees to be empowered with tasks, which helps production and improves there morale. Further more keep in mind that you are dealing with patients, and some have hopes with you. If you refer them to other clinics, it might make them loose the confidence they had with you and seek services somewhere else. Having identified Ms. R`s area of weakness delegation of duties is the remedy. You will only have the task of supervising her process of medication thus making work easier.You can be able to gather more information about duty delegations and supervision from. Why Is the Ability to Delegate Important for a Manager? | rules of delegation by Richard LennonWith the case of Ms. R, there are a lot of areas to delegate duties. Subordinates can be allocated duties of. keeping tract of Ms. R, time of arrival, his appointments and tests and there should be someone to help her on taking her doze. This provides an opportunity to get subordinates engage themselves with the patents. Conclusion It is evident that duty delegation within social amenities, relieves the supervisor of taking tasks alone and bearing the risk as an individual. With duty delegation, supervision of work becomes easy. This promotes self motivation of employees and in most cases, employees get to engage themselves fully with those under there service. This promotes there self confidence and gives them the experience required on dealing with clients.References ListLennon. R., (2008)., 12 Rules of Delegation. London: Press Publishers.