Defining a line

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These all correlate with the way we think and act as people. In these terms, a line can be a shallow mind, hatred, ignorance, segregation, and an arrogant person. In essence, the word line almost always implies dissimilarities, divisions, and opposition in our world. A line is something that delineates boundaries and sets limits on the ideas, beliefs and actions of humankind.A line is a shallow mind. Shallow minds are narrowly constricted and do not allow for any room for critical thinking and reasoning. They cannot see past one aspect of an idea, situation or problem. They could not comprehend the idea of a challenge thus they never really rise above that is asked of them. Their trend of thoughts is static and stale. If you feed a shallow mind with garbage information, then expect to get garbage information in return. A shallow mind is often restricted to living in a world without the more. Seeking the more is characteristic of a healthy, working mind that works off the beaten path. Therefore, a shallow mind lives in a world containing only the absence of the more. It recoils from the curvaceous and ever expanding path of deeper thought. Therefore, a shallow mind is a line.When we think of hatred, we do not normally think of it as a line. However, if we take a closer look into nature of things, hatred limits the capacity of the mind to understand. It narrows down our way of thinking, thus hatred is a line. When you are angry, you draw a line. you close down your mind and channel your energies into one direction. Prejudice exemplifies a type of hatred. It is the persistence of racism that has emanated from ways of recognizing and classifying strangers. In the Medical Dictionary, hatred is defined as an affection of the mind awakened by something regarded as evil. The word evil is the key word. It is the seed that cultivates hatred, the hatred that when grown, enshrouds a mind, and turn it into