Defence Of Heritage

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Every decision that is taken after that becomes a part of the history of that country. This history after a few years becomes known as the heritage of that country. The heritage of a country automatically gets attached to its citizens or the people living in it. This Heritage is the representation of the people of their respective countries. Without heritage, a country would be nothing but reduced to a mere name. It is this heritage that tells us about the ancestors of the people living in a country. It acts as a silent introduction to the nationals of that country. The heritage of a country determines its true standing in the world. Wherever people go or travel in the world, their names do not remain the true representatives of their identities but instead it’s their nationalities which become the true representative of the identity of individuals once they leave their country. These nationalities wouldn’t mean much if it wasn’t for the rich heritage of their respective countries attached to them. Every country irrespective of its size has a fascinating and rich heritage. The heritage of a country gives away enormous information about the kind of people living there. It is through heritage that countries are known throughout the world. Countries like Britain which have a very rich heritage are well known throughout the world and their citizens respected. Heritage shapes the image of a country and its popularity. Hence this lays even more importance on the fact of knowing about the heritage of their country by its citizens or nationals. It is through this knowledge that the citizens of a country can truly feel proud of their country and know of the achievements and potential of their people. Countries that do not honor or care about their heritage and do nothing to preserve it are lost in the pages of history and time just like they lost their heritage and did nothing to protect it: According to Alison Hems, Marion R.Blockley (2006).A great way of letting people know about the heritage of a country is through tourism. There are many structures and vehicles etc which may be of great historic value and contribute tremendously to the heritage of a country. A country like Great Britain, for example, has many castles and ships which are of particular value and serve as great assets to the heritage of Britain.