Deeply Sorry Tigers Shot at Getting out of the Rough

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Matthew Lynn has commented that Tiger Woods sponsors should forgive and forget. It seems difficult to make a straightway declaration that Tiger Woods should be forgiven and his sponsors should forget the scandal of marital infidelity in which he was embroiled. Big corporations like AT T Inc. and Accenture Plc have taken back their products’ ambassadorship, as they assume that the man — Tiger Woods – is no more a man of clean, family-man image.One feels like going with the statement of Lynn that like other celebrities like Kate Moss and Rolling Stone, Tiger Woods will return back to the limelight, celebrities are associated. Brand ambassadors are men and women of human follies. they are not superhumans who cannot commit wrongs. What needs to be valued in a celebrity is the power to take the audiences along with what they are renowned for doing perfectly. A sports celebrity like Tiger woods should be valued for the perfection in the profession he or she practices, not what is happening in his personal life or for that matter in the personal lives of such celebrities.What is important to understand is that public life and personal life are two facets of a celebrity. What happens in a celebrity’s personal life can affect the celebrity’s professional performance. Everybody desires a neat and clean and peaceful family life. If Tiger Woods has not been up to those standards, it is a personal affair of his. Too much hype is given to the issue because of too much interference in the personal life of Woods by the media for selling its own business.Sponsors like media also share the common purpose of promoting their business. That’s why they engage in high profile celebrities because of their success in professional spheres. To err is human and it is just humane to commit errors, which Woods has committed by being an unfaithful husband and presenting a wrong ideal to his fans and admirers. His supporter rating should go down.