Decision Support System

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It was traditionally aimed at managers to assist in high-level decision making. The present project focuses on the implementation of one of the DSS techniques in running a group of Hotels or rather implementing this tool in effective management.The details of various entities that change every day in the hotel have been collected. Mrs. Danver presented the parameters that need to manipulate or rather clearly needs observation and statistical analysis for taking further decisions. The data in hand is sorted and the steps laid according to DSS are followed such that data when putting in Excel sheets and their linking bar charts help to take further decisions towards the benefit of the hotel. A different category of data that is collected at Hotel Maurer is also presented. As the management issues of a Hotel are large in the number taking into consideration all the entities would make it laborious so few categories like Finance, Housekeeping, Bar, Staff, Restaurant and Old records are focused mainly.Decision Support System is a tool used to improve the process of decision making in complex systems, in particular where information is uncertain or incomplete.It can range from a system to answer simple queries that allow a subsequent decision to be made, to a system that provides detailed querying across a spectrum of related datasets. It was traditionally aimed at managers to assist in high-level decision-making (Tatnall,2002). Any given DSS can be tailored to provide features across a spectrum of users to ensure the system is accessible at the right level for different audiences and to provide only the information appropriate for confidentiality and security purposes.There are many ways in which these are implemented. Simple query tools can provide one level of support. The more complex systems employ some form of artificial intelligence. There are many approaches to these three of them.