Decision Making in Paramedic

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Joshua in making his decision concerning the diagnosis of Samuel settles on the diagnosis to be a severe asthma attack with possible musculoskeletal involvement. Intuitively, this decision could be influenced by his learning and work exposure. As a volunteer firefighter, Joshua might have probably been influenced by the cases he had witnessed in other paramedical emergencies that befitted the same diagnosis. Tanya in her decision of settling on the diagnosis of Samuel to be an asthma attack could be influenced by the pattern reasoning based on policy guidelines that she has been part of its development. This could equally be influenced by the fact that Tanya had not been exposed to a significant number of situations where asthma exists with other comorbid conditions (Frederick 2005, pp.25–42).Hypothetico-deductive reasoning can be used in the situation of Samuel as a means of elimination of other potential diagnoses. Hypothetico-deductive reasoning model employs the scientific model in the elimination of the unfavourable or undesirable decisions. The model involves the setting of hypothesis then testing the feasibility of the hypothesis to arrive at a decision (Sprenger 2011, pp.497). Application of hypothetico-deductive reasoning would first entail the use of experience in making the diagnosis. The decision maker would consider the problem and attempts to make sense out of the situation. The person then gathers data and look for the previous explanation that may be related to the problem. The second step is the formation of hypothesis. prediction of the feasibility of the hypothesis is then determined to ascertain its accuracy. The process then resolves with testing of the hypothesis. Testing of the hypothesis is done by looking for evidence and through observation that will help in eliminating other potential diagnosis and helps the decision maker to arrive at the best possible diagnosis. Application of Hypothetico-deductive reasoning in the case of Samuel would help the paramedics to eliminate the potential diagnosis of angina and asthma as they would be distinctively be eliminated through hypothesis testing process (Guerrero et al. 2005, pp.1343).