Debriefing Report for VoIP2 biz Inc

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The voice communication often remained on the plain Old Telephone Service (POTS).In business market, voice communication is still important to the business and remained 10 to 20 times the size of internet communication. Most business spends money every month on the legacy telephony technology. The company should therefore have some POTS for these businesses. They can also switch some of the many POTS to VolP services.Ordinarilly, the market for VolP typically measured in terms of how many POTS lines are available.
VolP should allow the integration of organizations many locations including the remote workers into a single communication costs and expand functionality by combining voice and data into one network and by bringing advanced features that are not currently available to most small and midsize business customers. They need to replace all the POTS Telephone circuits with internet connections and utilize open source voice applications and commodity intercircuits.Smaller versions of PBX systems should be introduced to manage voice communication and optimizing the utilization of carrier services, reducing company monthly expenses. The company should also utilize HSC services such as DSC to reduce costs by outsourcing central engineering and equipment