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150 words Be sure to reference and cite your textbook using APA formatting (parenthetical citations and references)AM 7Take a look back at the events of the 1960s, 1970s, and early 1980s from the perspective of the 21st Century. To what degree were the efforts of the second wave of feminism successful? What impact can you see from these three decades on the modern era? Incorporate specific connections to the Unit 7 Reading material as part of your response; include APA formatting (citations and references) to support your points.Women’s activism in the 1960s and 1970s Read Chapters 10 & 11** in Through Women’s Eyes Dubois, E.C. & Dumenil, L. (2019). Through women’s eyes (5th ed.). Boston, MA: Bedford/St. Martin’s. **Chapter 10: Read pp. 557 – 589, and pp. 611 – 619. **Chapter 11: Read pp. 622 – 643. Review: 1977 National Women’s Conference 200 wordsBe sure to reference and cite your textbook using APA formatting (parenthetical citations and references)CT 71. Find online, read, and come to understand the Allegory of the Cave, which is a way of examining the concept of education and its impact upon a person.2.Explain the Allegory of the Cave in a few sentences. Aim to sum it up from your own words and using and citing a line or two from within the passage. What stood out to you in the reading?Please do not use commentaries online, but begin from your own point of view, so you can grapple with the ideas and practice approaching complex concepts. It is less important to “get it right” as to explain your understanding.3. In your own life, have you ever felt like the prisoner coming out of the cave? Have you see this happen to anyone else? How did seeing things in a new way change either your life or that of the person you observed?4. What exactly is an allegory? How and why are they used? Give other examples.HINT: Google “Allegory of the Cave” and find the scholarly and translated original. Start here: