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Eliah Sharp The Purpose of a Christian Liberal Arts Education Top of FormIn this article the author made several good points about Liberal arts education and they can improve someones life. Two of the points that I agree completely with are that, a liberal arts education enhances wisdom and faith, and a liberal arts education will contribute to your happiness. I chose these points because these types of courses help me to realize what I need to learn to become competent. My faith also grows because for example science courses truly show God’s beautiful design. Other courses like psychology show how humans react to certain things in life and that is kind of similar to how the bible works and how it relates to real world issues. These types of courses can also lead to increased happiness. I also believe they can contribute to higher self-esteem. Once these types of courses are taken you feel like you have gained more essential knowledge than you have in the past or at all. If I am weak or slacking off in any of these points of focus then I have a feeling of disappointment in myself. I also feel like I could’ve worked harder to achieve a greater sense of faith or happiness in these types of courses.A student at Liberty Universitycould do many things to helpothers develop these types ofskills in their own lives.For example ifthereis atopic that someone is very proficient in then heor she could spend time tutoring someonewho may not be as good at a specific topic as them. They could alsogive suggestions or use their personal testimonies to help otherswho maybe struggling to keepup with these types of courses. So in conclusion there are several ways aLibertyUniversity student could use this articlein their own lives to help others.Bottom of Form