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Jocelyn James-Smith DB 1 CollapseTop of Form Although I agreed with all points in this article, there were a few that I could really relate to. The very first point says, “Aliberal arts education teaches you how to think;you will developstrengthof mind and an ordered intellect.”Explaining that the mind is a muscle and it must be exercisedin order to get stronger is a powerful statement. In the article the writer says, “exercising the mind in one area will strengthen it for learning in other areas as well.” When I firststarted takingcollege courses two yearsago,I was nervous and didn’t know if I could jugglefamily, work and school all full time. The first classes I tooktaughtme better study habits for tests andquizzes. It taught me time management and how to juggle the very things I wascombating. Because I was able to open my mind and absorballthis information, it allowed me to maintain my schedule and I have yet to turn in one lateassignment.So,from just my college experience so far, I can say that expanding your mind will lead to a successful outcome. Once class has built upon another to ensure I will graduate with a newfound wealth of information I can apply to myeveryday life. The second point I agree with strongly isthat a liberal arts education will allow you to think foryourself.They say knowledge is power and the more you know the more equip you are facing everyday situations.The article was veryaccurate in saying, “although a liberal arts education will not teach you how to take out an appendix or sue your neighbor,it will teach you how to live.” (Harris, R. 2010)Havingthat extended knowledge willmake it a lot harder to bepersuadedeasily. Having a sound process when it comes to thinking thoroughly is the key to making more precise decisions in your life. If I wasn’t interested in learning new things and expanded myknowledge,thenin my opinion, I would not be able todecipherthrough many situations that present themselves to me daily. I work in education and if I didn’t have the education I currently have, then I would not be able tonavigate through certain aspects of my job. My degree is in businessadministrationand I have learned a wealth of information that I useevery daywithmy job.I am grateful for this opportunity and I know that the more I learn through Liberty University, the more I will beequippedto live a better life.Harris, R. (n.d.). (Oct. 2010), Retrieved March 25, 2020, from of Form