DB Certification

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Certification1. In your initial post:. Describe your assigned term. (Certification)a. Elaborate on their purpose and areas of specialty, i.e., providers, hospitals, laboratories, managed care organizations.b. Identify a governmental regulatory agency whose regulations would also apply to that same healthcare entity type. For example, the National Committee for Quality Assurance accredits managed care organizations. The governmental Centers for Medicaid and Medicare (CMS) has regulatory oversight over managed care plans.DirectionsIn response to each topic or prompt provided by the instructor, please do the following: Provide a thoughtful and completeinitial post that is a minimum of two to three paragraphs (minimum of 400 words), by Wednesday at 11:59 PM of the module week. 3 references from internetCourse: HSA4421: Government Regulations in HealthcareTextbook Title and Edition: Government Regulations in Healthcare Author: Joel B. Teitelbaum
Publisher:Jones & Bartlett Learning