David Cole Interviewing Dr Franciszek Piper

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&nbsp.The point Cole tries to make here is that most of the evidence and facts about mass homicides at Auschwitz were either incorrect or exaggerated by the Soviet Union to serve their propaganda during the time of war and how on a larger scale, facts and figures of war have been manipulated in favour of the victorious.

Cole’s documentary questions various undisputed facts and points out the anomalies in what has become an irrefutable part of human history. His interview with Senior Curator and Head of Archives at Auschwitz State Museum Dr Franciszek Piper reveals some very interesting and at the same time contradictory information about the camp and the gas chamber that was used for mass homicide. After his visit to the camp in 1992 and based on years of research, Cole observes that Piper’s version of the gas chamber operations, its reconstruction by the Soviet Union, and the use of Zyklon B are inconsistent and highly debatable.
Cole says that the Soviets exaggerated facts bringing the death toll to 4 million when the reality was only 1.1 and much of the shreds of evidence put forward during the Nuremberg trial were discredited later on or found to be false. Cole opines that if Hess was hanged for running an internment camp in Auschwitz where people died of disease and malnutrition, then the thousands of Japanese who died in the United States and the Germans killed in the post-war POW camp under similar conditions should also be made accountable. Finally, he suggests that war crimes do not have easy and justifiable answers without raising doubts.