Data Visualization Stories for the Information Age

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So in order to illustrate which machines are communicating, using port numbers will be the use of wrong information as this function can illustrate which services are being used among the machines but not the number of machines. A data visualization based otherwise will represent false information. the whole presentation will either be useless or lead to conclusions that will be harmful to the purpose of the visualization as a whole. 2. How does data visualization use database technologies? Raw data is of no use to an organization. A simple data base showing numbers of customers is of no use if the data does not even show that which customers prefer which product among the range of many that the organization produces and launches every year. Database technology which was once considered to have hit a dormant end is now continuously evolving. With the help of new data base technologies it is easy for data visualization techniques to map the data in a way that is more useful. For example with the help of data warehousing optimization, large data can be gathered and with the use of bitmaps, categories showing null value can be eliminated (Rivero et al, 2006). Afterwards that data can be mapped with the help of a visualization aid to show correlations among different factors and the large body of data which is normally very difficult to understand can be helpful to an organization. 3. How could a business use data visualization to identify new trends? Data visualization is a very useful tool regarding finding new trends in the market. For example, by analyzing incoming and out going calls of the customers of any telecom industry, the trend can be discovered relating to the preference of the time when the calls are made, which numbers are called the most, what telecom industry is having the largest number of customers and the duration of the calls. With the help of such information various visualization aids can be produced to make the data easily understandable and meaningful. On such basis the telecom industry can devise various packages concerning call plans to make their product more attractive and thus increasing their customer base. Trends in the foreign exchange stock market can also be observed and shown in a more meaningful way through data visualization. The visualization aid will map efficiently which commodities are the ones that are most sold, and what time the market is more volatile. If the risky investments are generating more return or not. With the help of such aid a business can make wise investment options. 4. What is the correlation between data mining and data visualization? Data visualization helps the end user to understand the information presented as to what is currently going on for example in an organization. Data visualization is normally based on the data gathered on the basis of information that is normally already available to the user for example to the employees or shareholders of the company. Data mining on the other hand extracts information form the data base that is usually not in the knowledge of the user. The basic purpose of data mining is to locate correlations among elements that are hidden. Thus the visualization aids that represent the data on the basis of the information derived by data mining is designed by keeping