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Findings"92250 However, student response rate was poor even though they had been informed of the purpose of the research. Anonymity too was assured but due to reasons unknown to the researcher, the students were not too willing to participate in the study. The findings from the survey are presented separately and then the interview findings is discussed and compared along with relevant theories. Some of the important data from the survey has been presented in the form of bar charts for convenience of understanding. The interview finding is not presented separately as there was just one interview taken. 4.2 Student Survey Questionnaires Distributed: 250 Responses received: 23 Response Rate: 8% It must be noted that 8% is considered a poor response rate. 4.2.1 Marketing efforts of the College The first set of responses reveals the marketing efforts made by the college. Student demographics Out of the 23 responses received, the highest number of students is from Nigeria (17%) but countries such as India, China and Pakistan too have a strong presence (Chart I). Chart I Country of Origin Source of information Students have cited different sources of information but an equal weightage has been found for recommendation from ex-students, word-of-mouth from friends or relatives and many have even come to know of the college through overseas seminars conducted by the college (Chart II). A very small percentage of respondents have obtained information through the internet. Chart II Source of information Various reasons have been cited for selecting this particular college. Almost 37% of the respondents selected the college because of the affordable fees while other prominent reasons include recommendation from others, reputation and the courses on offer (Chart III). Some have decided to study at this college because there were representatives of the college in their own country (India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka). In fact 91% of the respondents have found the fees affordable and the others that did not find it affordable, opted for the college because of support in visa process. The college does not offer scholarships and despite this, students have decided to study at this college. This only demonstrates that fees are affordable as has been admitted by 91% of the respondents. Chart III Factors influencing college selection College website Eighty three percent of the respondents accessed the college website to gather information although only 61% were satisfied with the available information (Chart IV). Many (22%) were not satisfied with the information and details on hostel accommodation, faculty, and overview of London and college life in general, were found to be lacking. However, some even found that course details and affiliations with universities helped them decide for this college. Chart IV Information through website 4.2.2 Student experience during and after the admission process Many students (39%) faced immigration and visa problems. People from countries such as India, Nigeria, Philippines, Pakistan and Mongolia faced problems. They all found the process very lengthy and involving too much of paper work. They found it ‘painfully complicated’ and ‘time-consuming’. Upon arrival also only 61% of the respondents admitted that their expectations were met. The others faced problems as they were not allotted accommodation