Darwin Natural Selection

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As the paper highlights& of the issues that creationists and individuals that believe in intelligent design point to as a shortcoming of natural selection is with respect to those organisms or systems that are highly complex and in which partial inadequacy of function would preclude natural selection.&nbsp. One such system would be that of the human eye. arguably one of the most complex mechanisms that exists within nature.&nbsp. However, Darwin, and those that support him would point to the fact that the need to see would be evidenced through many of the different states of eyesight that exist from the most basic caterpillars to the most advanced mammals.&nbsp. Although it is true that the theory itself exist on something of an extension basis, the understanding and believe that the validity and truth of the statement ultimately exists as a function of its existence, there are a number of moral parallels and understandings that can be constructed via immoral understanding of specifically what Darwin’s theory entails.
This paper outlines that&nbsp.without the four a higher power, morality and another itself is constrained only with regards to the way in which humanity seeks to buy morality within the current context. In other words, natural selection in and of itself is a process by which furtherance of species is sure by the natural and “blind” process that nature engages to select those which will most likely carry on genes further the process of reproduction.