Dangers of Fast Foods

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Dangers of Fast Foods As the implies, fast foods are the ones that are quickly prepared and are more quickly served. These include the food items that are mostly sold and offered at the large multinational food chains across the world .In general it is termed as one that needs small amount of preparation prior to its serving. While others term fast food as low protein, and high calorie .They come in all kind of foods, snack bars, burgers, pizza, soft drinks. Various age groups are largely fond of the fast food, especially the teenagers and mid 20s group. Despite its attractiveness and ease of availability, various issues have come to forefront regarding the accumulation of fast foods and have been termed as disadvantageous (Schlosser). Brief history: History of fast food can be traced back to Roman Empire, however, in modern times the modern history of goes back to early 20th century ,White castle initiated a fast food package in 1921 as is considered one of the pioneers in this regard(Michman and Mazze). The first pizza parlor was believed to have been established in 1905 (Dunn and Hood). Wendy introduced the concept of drive through which allows the customers to take away the order without stepping out of the car (Penfold) Over period of time large amount of research has been conducted into the area of fast food and those studies strongly oppose the use of fast foods and thereby have created fears in the mind of people over their impact on the human health in general .A large scale research conducted in this area, that involved over three thousand participants has shown that fast foods have direct negative impact on the human health. Obesity as the main gift: With low protein, high fats and calories fast foods first invitation is obesity, it is believed that around 25 to 30 percent Americans are obese(Hales), and in American society the use of fast food is richly high and on regular basis. Various other diseases follow right after and are Diabetes Heart diseases Enlarged heart Immobility Disorder in menstrual cycle Contribution of flavored industry is no less harmful and is equally involved in the use of fast foods and carbonated drinks .In case of the milkshakes sold under the name of natural drinks have flavor added to them, it is believed that on average around 50 chemicals are used in it. A carbonated drink, Coca-Cola roughly contains 8 to 10 tea spoons of sugar (Hall). McDonalds was sued over obesity claim by parents and was taken to court over this matter (Rothwell) Impact of Promotional Campaigns: Fast foods have become part of our lives in modern day and in one way or other we eat fast food, no matter how hard we try avoiding them, they make it to our doors and stomach one way or the other. In modern times no park, cinema, educational institute cafe is free from the fast food chains, underage children and teenagers at direct threat from the fast food commercial campaigns, children are targeted in an attractive way in form of toys and playing lands inside the fast food chains, prime example can be seen in case of multinationals like McDonalds and K.F.C. The fries provided by McDonalds were under severe scrutiny for a long period of time and the incumbent food chain had to make changes to the fries making procedure. Large amount of money is spent on the advertisement campaign attracting the young age people towards themselves. Various modes of advertisement include billboards, televisions and newspapers ad section (Free mark). Conclusion: It has been seriously damaging the new generation in many ways, and over period of time many researches and findings have shown that fast foods are highly dangerous for the human body, especially for the growing age groups and on more regular basis. America is amongst the top countries when it comes to the obesity percentage amongst its citizens, Fast foods side effects can be reduced and eliminated if proper consideration and care is taken in this regard, its regular use should be completely stopped, strict policies should be implemented in this regard ,and any food item that does not help the human body rather affects it in an adverse manner must be banned, for individuals need is to read books that provide awareness about the right kind of food, eating at home should be made a more regular habit ,exercise should be part of regular routine in an individual’s life. 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