Dael with deferent situation

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However, money is a short term motivator and only money is used to motivate the workforce, than can create an unhealthy relationship as the workforce can start perceiving the management as unfeeling, tyrannical force which does not have consideration for their actual needs.
At the higher levels of work, the workforce require non-money motivators such as praise, recognition, acknowledgement, and a sense of belonging which can go a long way in building the sense of belonging and the self-esteem need is hence, fulfilled creating a good working relationship and effectively, a positive outlook.
Answer:2 There are forms of power and two of those, are called as visible and invisible powers. Visible power is defined as the first face of power and is the vocal voice of power in a manner of speaking. This is that source of power which can be demonstrated through participation in decision making and having a certain influence in the decision making process itself. This power can be observed and is pluralist sense of power. The second categorization of power. invisible power is that power which allows the shaping of people’s needs and wants. It is embedded in the social, cultural, ideological values and norms. It is an internalized sense of power which cannot always be observed. …
d resources-clearly, the difference of the composition of these two results in the basic differences in power itself If a person is more motivated to prove himself/herself, she would be motivated to show the skill by a visible sense of power while a equally motivated person could be more interested in remaining on the sidelines and shaping the wants and needs.
Answer 3: A diagram depicting the main ideas of the article:
Decreasing Incinerators usage
PVCs decreasing -Mercury levels down-Proper disposal-Eyeing greater biological swath
Energy amp. H2p conservation
Produce of Dioxin
Healthier food practices-greener suppliers-No VOCs or Low Vocs
b) The stakeholders interested in this venture and who would have a certain aim, stake involved would be the. the environmentalists such as the United States Protection Agency, other concerned environmental groups, the community consisting of people going to hospitals, the people working in the health sector, the healthcare industry including the public and private officials, the architectural firms who specialize in healthcare projects, and if the situation becomes critical then even the World Health Organization.
The perspective of the healthcare industry and its officials would be that they would want to have this issue taken care of as soon as possible. The publicity that this issue has been getting has created a negative image and has caused extensive damage to the credibility of the industry itself .By taking preventive measures, the industry officials want to clean up the mess while safeguarding the future The perspective of the concerned community would that of safeguarding their interests by