Cyberslacking and the Procrastination Superhighway

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Inserts His/her Inserts Inserts Grade (14, 02, Summary of Article The article in question is by Lavoie amp. Pychyl (2001) and it talks about the relationship between internet procrastination and the perception of internet as an important tool. The article also attempts to understand the relationship between self reporting procrastination and time spent on internet. The goal of the study is to understand the perceptions of users of internet that procrastinate. It is often debated that internet can negatively impact the educational achievements of students as students waste time surfing on the internet aimlessly (procrastination). This article is attempting to understand those negative effects of internet and correlating it with perceptions of the users of technology about the usefulness of the technology.The authors have used different studies to elaborate on the subject. Evidence is given from both strands of thoughts on the use of technology. Some believe that technology is useful for teens while others are against of this view. The use of internet in the workplace is also discussed and relevant studies are cited to highlight the negative effect of internet on the productivity of employees.The tone of the article is academic in nature. The author has refrained from using opinions and subjective comments on the subjects. Everything that is mentioned in the article is backed by appropriate evidence which is good. The topic is also studied in depth and different aspects of the subject are highlighted. It can be safely said that authors have done justice with the subject.The article is also very informative and is written in a simple manner. Basic level English is used and flowery words are avoided. Authors are also ‘to the point’ when talking about internet procrastination. Emotions are also not used to explain anything in the article and everything is evidenced. The target audience of the article is the general academia and students of information technology. The article is not too technical therefore any internet using teenager can understand it. The way with which authors have conducted their research is also admirable since they have given all relevant information in a way that is understandable to everyone.Data was collected through internet and email. Participants were required to fill a survey questionnaire and then filled questionnaires were studied for results. The survey was also filled voluntarily by participants therefore results should be considered objective. Because data was collected on the internet it can be safely assumed that the study was not affected by experimenter bias. Overall the article is informative and a very good read. It informs the readers about the dangers of technology and backs everything with evidence and research. The article also takes into account the academic requirements as everything is according to the high academic standards. An important limitation of the study is its limited sample size. The results of the study cannot be generalized over a large population. ReferencesLavoie, J. amp. Pychyl, T. (2001). Cyberslacking and the Procrastination Superhighway: A Web-Based Survey of Online Procrastination, Attitudes, and Emotion. Social Science Computer Review, 19(4): 431-444