Customized Products

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When companies decide to sell their products in other countries, they mustdecide whether to use a standard product or to customize it to the particularcountry. Some products such as cars can be sold in a similar format; however, some restaurants, such as McDonald’s might modify their product to meet different needs.Companies must also decide whether they will standardize their marketingplans, such as advertising campaigns in different countries.Go online and find one product that is produced by a company from each of the following categories that is doing business internationally and explain how the company has customized the product for a market in another country. Be sure to cite your sources. Provide an analysis and rationale why the company has taken this route.Choose your companies from the following list:- A petroleum company- A software company- A soft drink company- A food chain- A car company- Herbal medicine industry- Environmental management company17/05/20204businessfinance