Customer Service at Nordstrom

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The habitual ways that are encompassed in the theory can be illustrated in two entities namely cooperativeness and assertiveness. The dimension gave rise to five different styles of conflict management. These styles are accommodation, competition, collaboration, compromising and avoiding. These styles are essential in the life of human beings. People need to adopt them so as to live in harmony with each other in the society.The approach of Nordstrom to the management of customer relationship and service is a crucial way of defusing or preventing possible conflict situation. Customers have varying preference and needs. The Nordstrom’s approach involves the provision of personalized and customized services to every customer. This ensures that the organization is addressing the unique necessities of individual customers thereby avoiding probable conflict situations. Customers are normal people with names, independent as well as rational. They understand what they specifically looking for from any organization. They hence need to be attended to person rather than generally, with respect and honesty. Listening to and addressing the complaints of customers makes the customers feel respected. The organization understands that returning money to their customers once they demand it demonstrates the respect of the customer’s intelligence as well as their choices.The Nordstrom approach enhances customer’s experience. Each time a customer interacts with the organization, they gain a particular experience. They may leave the organization feeling either valued or exploited by the organization. The approach involves listening to customers and responding appropriately to their needs as well as complaints (Bolman amp. Deal, 2013).