Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty of Four Season Hotel in China

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As per the website of the Four Seasons Hotel, times change, but their dedication to perfecting the travel experience never will. Four Seasons Hotel is a Canadian based hotel. It was founded in 1960 by two professionals.Their highly personalized 24-hour service, combined with authentic, elegant surroundings of the highest quality, embodies a home away from home for those who know and appreciate the best. As the company has grown from a single hotel to 93 in 38 countries, its deeply instilled culture, personified by its employees, continues to get stronger. Over more than 50 years, they have built an unrivaled depth of reliability, trust, and connection with their guestsFour Seasons is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards, including standards intended to prevent bribery and corruption. It is committed to understanding the risks that may compromise these standards and using all efforts to ensure that those who provide services to them comprise these ethical standards.Four Seasons Hotel is a highly customer-centered hotel. Customer satisfaction and customer loyalty are at the heart of the Four Seasons Hotel’s policies. Food and Beverages services are of high standards. But there is room for improvement which can eventually take the hotel on new heights in a competitive market like China.Here service quality can be defined as the ability of a hotel to provide the same service as imagined by its customer. Customer loyalty can be defined as the positive reaction of customers towards the good service quality of an organization, by visiting the hotel again and again.In this research study, the main focus is on the hidden rationales that affect the service quality and customer loyalty and their relation. This research would try to explain the theory of service quality and customer loyalty.In the past, many similar research studies have been conducted in the hotel and hospitality industry. These studies also tried to unearth the hidden rationale behind the service quality.