Current Immigration Situation in the United States

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In fact, in accordance with a recent research ‘immigrants come to the United States, legally and illegally, at the rate of around a million a year. there are now over 34 million foreign-born persons living here, the largest number in American history’ (Center for Immigration Studies, 2005). The above study refers to the current immigration flow to the USA. However, immigration rates to USA were traditionally high. However, as already noticed above, the causes and the aims of immigration have been changed today in accordance with current social and financial conditions within the international community. Regarding this issue, it has been found that ‘unlike the past, many immigrants to the United States now arrive from countries with very different cultural, religious, psychological, and political traditions. a natural question, therefore, arises as to how well these millions of new immigrants are finding their place in American society and in the American national community’ (Center for Immigration Studies, 2005). It seems that the USA has developed the appropriate framework for the incorporation of immigrants within the American Society. However, in many cases, immigration does not have the expected results. More specifically, it is noticed that ‘in contrast to the success stories of a few immigrant entrepreneurs or reconstituted fragments of an uprooted capitalist class, the majority within these immigrant and refugee groups are forming part of a restructured working class found throughout the advanced industrial states’ (Bach, 1986, 139). In other words, the standard of living of immigrants in USA cannot be always expected to be improved. The final result should be regarded as influenced by a series of parameters, mostly by the existence of appropriate support in the communities that accept immigrants.