Current and Future Cybercrime Threats

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Any person or organization may be targeted by the cybercriminals and this, therefore, calls for action against these acts in St Louis County. The crimes that are conducted via the internet platform present a huge challenge to the security agencies in St Louis as well as in the entire nation. The most widespread and common cyber crime threats include theft, hacking, phishing piracy and spamming. Due to the detrimental impact of these cyber-related activities, there is the need to come up with a cyber crime task force plan for St Louis County. The cyber crime task force plan will help identify the investigative strategies for responding to the problem. This paper identifies the techniques, equipment and organizational structures that can be efficiently and effectively used by law enforcement agencies to combat this menace.The number of cyber related crimes in St Louis County has continued to rise over the last few years. These cases have been noted to come in different forms and severity. The consequences of such computer and internet based criminal acts are very far-reaching. As a result, law enforcement in the county cannot ignore this new trend of crimes that is exponentially increasing in the county. Some of these crimes have been rated to be high profile crimes (RSA, 2012). Examples of the high profile crimes that have been witnessed include credit card frauds and data larceny. Such crimes are a big threat to the national financial health and national security. Apart from the two stated acts, other computer and internet-based activities that affect the St Louis County include hacking, computer intrusion, password trafficking, spamming and phishing (RSA, 2012). Internet scams and spam have also been gaining ground in St Louis and this is putting the residents of the county at risks.Studies and research have indicated that the majority of these crimes mainly target property or people.